4-H Annual Youth Camp

The 4-H rented the camp recently for their annual youth camp. The kids enjoy all the amenities the camp offers: they learn how to safely kayak the lake, use the archery area, play kickball in the field, sleep in bunkbeds, do arts and crafts in the craft rooms, and of course feast in the largeContinue reading “4-H Annual Youth Camp”

Ocqueoc Outdoor Center’s 90th Anniversary

Last week’s publication of the Presque Isle County Advance (July 20th) included an article highlighting the Outdoor Center’s 90th anniversary. It covered interviews with Dr. Mary Ann Heidemann (Secretary of Friends of the Ocqueoc Outdoor Center, local history expert) and Sara Pikora (current OOC caretaker), and a brief history of its various uses over theContinue reading “Ocqueoc Outdoor Center’s 90th Anniversary”