Huron Pines Invasive Species Decontamination Workshop a Success!

Huron Pines and the Coastal Invasive Species Network hosted a workshop at the Outdoor Center Saturday July 15th. The event was open to the public, and many people from around the Ocqueoc Lake watershed attended this informative event. The two-hour presentation taught which invasive species are threatening the lake and surrounding areas, how to identity them and decontaminate personal gear to stop the spread, and how to report invasives on the “watch list” if found. Now we will have more people to help keep a look out and prevent the spread of these species around the Ocqueoc area and beyond!

Please be mindful when transporting things such as boats, kayaks, and waders in and out of different lakes, and hiking with the same shoes on different trails. You could be carrying invasive seeds/plants with you. These invasive species are known to choke out native plants and are often hazardous to local wildlife. Not sure what to look for? Visit MISIN – Midwest Invasive Species Network ( to learn more.

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