The New Deal Tour of Presque Isle County

Learn more about structures, parks, and facilities these veterans built while living at CCC Camp Black Lake.

And use the guide for your next visit!

This booklet will guide you to 12 historic sites in Presque Isle County constructed during the New Deal era, from 1933 to 1942. Creation of this tour guide began with a simple observation that Presque Isle County seems to have a surprisingly large number of New Deal sites, particularly contributions made by one of the New Deal’s most famous organizations, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). In fact, one of the most important local New Deal sites is the Ocqueoc Outdoor Center. It began in 1933 as CCC Camp Black Lake and is today one of just two original CCC camps still standing in Michigan.

NEWS: New Deal Tour of Presque Isle County Featured in Chronicles Magazine

The New Deal Tour of Presque Isle County is presented by Friends of the Ocqueoc Outdoor Center, a non-profit group of volunteers dedicated to preserving and promoting the Ocqueoc Outdoor Center as an active recreation and outdoor education facility for youth and adult groups. The Friends work closely with Presque Isle County, owner of the site, to improve and sustain the Center for the next generation of residents, visitors and historians to enjoy.

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